retrieve metrics for advertisement playback on devices

      "account_id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123",
      "campaign_id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123",
      "campaign_tag": "Test Campaign",
      "created_at": 1596066833.335,
      "device_id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123",
      "device_name": "Android",
      "duration": 60,
      "end": 1596066947,
      "event": "playback",
      "id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123",
      "page_id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123",
      "page_name": "Weather",
      "playlist_id": "abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123abc",
      "playlist_name": "Device Testing",
      "start": 1596066887,
      "timestamp": 1596066833,
      "updated_at": 1596066833.335

Default example would return 22 latest records, to retrieve additional information you may use query parameters

curl --location --request GET '${ID}/views?per_page=111' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKENABC123'

per_page: number of records that system would return.

curl --location --request GET '${ID}/views?export=csv' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKENABC123'

export : would return download url for the full campaign report in csv format.

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